Quick Bridge Funding

At Quick Bridge Funding, we fully understand that real estate investors need a lender who can move quickly to fund their commercial project.

We pride ourselves on being fast and responsive. There are a few steps to getting fast commercial bridge funding. The first step is simply to give (1-877-655-5625) us a call to review your project including your timing challenges, down payment, and any credit issues we need to overcome. Depending on the complexity of your project, an executive summary may be very helpful in getting your loan approved. We work quickly to get your commercial real estate project up and running.

The next step for us is to complete an application. It shouldn’t take you very long to complete the application. Without an application, we may miss something that could come back to hurt us so we ask you to fill it out completely to avoid these surprises so getting your application back to us quickly will help us move quickly. Along with the application we will need your authorization to pull your credit, even though your personal credit is not usually a hindrance to getting a loan.

The next step once we determine the viability of your project is to secure an appraisal. We can sometimes use an existing appraisal if it’s recent and particularly if it was ordered by a third party. This can really move your loan along quickly.

So let’s talk a bit about the kind of projects we can help you with for a fast closing commercial bridge loan. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive. So if your project doesn’t look like it fits this list just give us a call. We are available 7 days a week at 1-877-655-5625. We do however prefer loans at $500,000 and up. I’ve divided the list into two parts, type of commercial properties and then loan scenarios. Neither list is in any particular order.

Type Properties used as security:


Industrial buildings

Office Condos


Mobile Home Parks

Office Buildings

Assisted Living Facilities



Strip Malls

Residential Homes as Investments – Jumbo primarily

Convenience Stores

Owner Occupied Commercial Buildings

Loan Scenarios:

Less than great credit

Fast closing loans

Apartment Rehabilitations

Loans to convert a building to Assisted Living

Motel Conversions

Loans to avoid a foreclosure

Partner buyout loans

New Construction Loans

Low occupancy multi-family and motel loans

Loans with no down payment seasoning

Loans where the borrower has a past bankruptcy

Loans where the borrower has a past foreclosure

No tax return commercial loans

And many others

A little about our quick bridge funding programs

These loans are mostly hard money bridge loan mortgage programs with interest rates in the double digits although we have some programs as low as 8%.

LTVs typically 65% although this can increase, particularly for commercial rehab loans. Most are 1 to 3 years and don’t have a pre-payment penalty but will require at least 6 months of interest to work. Points vary from 3% to 6% typically and can be built into the loan. Up front money is only to pay for third party work such as an appraisal, environmental when needed and attorney/title work. Lastly, we can help you with a much lower cost SBA loan but these are obviously not fast closing, although we work with a top 10 SBA lender who can close in under half most SBA lender’s time frame because of their intimate relationship with the SBA. Basically a rubber stamp SBA approval of their loans.