Quick Funding For Commercial Loans

It’s important to know that you the Client can have a major impact on how quickly we can secure you a commercial loan. Quick bridge Funding can only work if you provide the needed information in evaluating your loan request. All too often the Client is the reason the process does not move as fast as it should so keep in mind how you can effect the speed of your loan. We are in this together.

Third parties can also be part of the reason for less than ideal loan closings. And while we try to find and push third parties (appraisers, Title companies, attorneys, etc.), we (you and us) can only control so much. This is unfortunate but just part of this business. We just want you to be aware. The same can be true for parties you choose such as your CPA or Attorney. We thought it was important to point these facts out as we don’t like to give or receive surprises. It’s just how we work. We would appreciate your understanding.

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